The Micronutrient Forum is looking forward to welcoming over 1000 researchers, program implementers and policy-makers from around the world to its 5th Global Conference 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand from 23rd – 27th, March 2020. The theme, Building New Evidence and Alliances to Improve Nutrition, will cover the broad spectrum of micronutrients from research, efficacy, program and policy perspectives. Join us and be part of engaging conversation and critical debates, access the latest research, build new alliances, and celebrate breakthroughs.

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Micronutrient biology and status assessment


Understanding the biology of micronutrient nutrition and status assessment and implications for program design.


Efficacy and safety of micronutrient interventions


Understanding the effects of micronutrient interventions on micronutrient intake, status and related functional outcomes.


Program effectiveness


Bridging the gap between evidence and implementation to optimize the scale up of micronutrient interventions.


Designing an enabling environment for micronutrients


Engaging new actors and building new alliances, to include global, regional and national policy considerations, financing, innovative partnerships, climate change.

Deep Dive into Optimizing and Protecting Micronutrients Across the Food System

Agriculture delivers
micronutrients into
the food system
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Seafood, Aquaculture
and Nutrients
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Manufacturing, processing
and distribution:
Examining micronutrient
opportunities at every step
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Micronutrients at the Market:
Enhancing Choice,
Delivering Nutrition
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Cooking up the best
in micronutrients
and nutrition
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Better nutrition and
health for families
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Memories from Micronutrient Forum 4th Global Conference 2016 in Cancun, Mexico. Join us in Bangkok

The Micronutrient Forum’s 5th Global Conference 2020 will be held at the newly renovated state-of-the-art Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). It is close to the airport, with Skytrain access to a wide range of accommodation and attractions.

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