Second Global Summit on Food Fortification co-located with the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference

Another excellent reason to travel to Bangkok in March 2020! The Micronutrient Forum is pleased that our 5th Global Conference will be with co-located with the Second Global Summit on Food Fortification taking place from March 21-23, 2020. The Second Global Summit on Food Fortification aims to ensure that large scale food fortification is optimally scaled according to global need and that existing food fortification programs are expanded, improved, monitored, and sustained effectively to achieve health impact.

Food fortification has been one of the most successful global health initiatives undertaken; salt iodization and the fortification of other staple foods such as flour and condiments have delivered essential micronutrients to billions of people worldwide. But there are still gaps. All four Micronutrient Forum Global Conferences  have hosted active discussions about how to expand the reach of micronutrient fortification; the First Global Fortification Summit in 2015, Future Fortified, reinvigorated interest, awareness and investment in food fortification. We’re very pleased that the two conferences will be held together in 2020.

The Second Global Summit on Food Fortification is co-hosted by The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), HarvestPlus and the Micronutrient Forum.

Second Global Summit on Food Fortification: March 21-23, 2020

Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference: March 23-27, 2020